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FENIX – Giving Packaging a New Life
- is a 3-year European LIFE+ project which will create a user-friendly and flexible tool for assisting municipalities, communities and regions of Spain and Portugal to easily obtaining environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results on packaging waste management. The tool will also take into account economic and social aspects through the entire life cycle of this type of waste, and will be flexible enough to be adaptable to different European realities. The software tool will be specially designed to assist local and regional waste managers of those countries to look for more eco-efficient and sustainable solutions for packaging waste management, but also will be extrapolable to other European regions.
The project is supported by the EU LIFE+ funding programme. It is a multi-partner initiative which involves experts from organisations across Europe. Further information on these organisations is available on the Partners page. 

EU LIFE+ Programme 2007-2013 

The EU LIFE+ Programme 2007-2013 is a dedicated EU funding instrument for the environment which complements the existing funding arrangements (European Regional Development Fund, European Social Fund, Cohesion Fund, European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Competitiveness & Innovation Programme, European Fisheries Fund and the 7th EU Research Framework Programme). It succeeds the EU LIFE Programme. Comprising three segments: Nature and biodiversity, Environmental policy and governance, and Information and Communication, the LIFE+ programme reflects the desire to address issues of environmental importance in all European policies, and thus contribute to sustainable development. For more information please visit the LIFE+ website at: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/life